According to the Greeks, the month of February corresponded to that of fertility, with the union of Zeus and Hera. With Eros, the son of Aphrodite and Cupids, the son of Venus… the Romans celebrated the Lupercalia. These pagan celebrations of love, that the church put in place, began with Valentine's Day. A holy saint who in 270 was beheaded by love and fidelity to the Christian religion. Love lost his head! From ancient Rome to the romantic, one declares his love, carries sweet notes, offers chocolate hearts and red roses, gives diamonds and a wonderful night. The pledges of eternal love!


February 14: one day, one night, one unique time to celebrate together. To each their own!

Les Sources de Caudalie (Bordeaux region). Beauty bath for the Bachlorettes.

"Le cœur a ses raisins"? A special package proposed by Caudalie, is a true source of rejuvenation to charm your lover. The hotel is at the edge of the vineyard of the Castle Smith Haut Lafitte, with a totally romantic and chic feel. Wine therapy and gastronomy will be at the heart of your Valentine's Day stay! Get to the heart of Wine and its Heritage, and discover Saint-Emilion.

Les Avisés (Champagne region). Accompanied by a Goddess.

Elegance, discretion, perfection…This Champagne house is "the nest" valuable for you. The royal Louis XV loved to take the Marchioness of Pompadour to dazzle and seduce her with such a rare Champagne region. She loved it and said that it makes "women even more beautiful". In this contemporary setting, you will feel the same. Do not miss a tour of the cellars and tasting Selosse champagne in the company of Anselme, a pure moment of poetry!

Hôtel du Castellet (Provence region). Quite, Luxurious, and Pleasurable.

It is secluded, luxurious, and pleasurable at the Hotel du Castellet, especially for Valentine's Day! In a majestic Provencal house on the hills, overlooking the big blue and… the Gulf of love… a lovingly bistronomic stay with San Felice, the chic bistro of the hotel.

Hostellerie de l’Abbaye de la Celle (Provence region). Passing time with an Angel.

A Valentine's weekend at this inn is tempting. You can't resist the romanticism of the park, the wine and the vineyards of Côteaux Varois in Provence, and sweets and flowers are offered in your room. For dinner, Benoît Witz, formerly along side the famous chef Alain Ducasse, will prepare a meal with all his love. So imagine, close your eyes, enjoy, if this is not heaven, it sure does feel like it. And lastly, the discovery of the Bénédictine abbey of the 12th century, which the nuns had turned the convent into a romantic date, will seduce you.

Château de Rochegude (Vallée du Rhone region). Reserved for Diane the Huntress.

A great lord, would offer Diane the Huntress the landscapes of the Vallée du Rhône from the window of a historic castled with olive trees, vines, and cicadas nestled in a boundless room with a canopied bed. Cupid is not far away from this Castle! For Valentine's Day, in Rochegude, we will reserve you an elegant stay, with great hospitality by the castle owner. The simple daily life in a "Relais et Chateau"! Take a romantic stroll in the park to catch the deer in passing and go dancing on the bridge of Avignon!

Hôtel de la Mirande (Provence region). For a fortune hunter.

How do you keep your lovers heart beautiful? Spoil her, of course and take her to the Hotel de la Mirande where she will be pampered and you both will have an exquisite experience. Jean-Claude Aubertin, head of the Mirande, will cook his meals with his special black truffles, which is said to be aphrodisiac! This will strengthen your taste buds to prepare you for your cooking lessons with the chef himself. While waiting for a white diamond, offer a black diamond!

Bernardus Lodge (Carmen Valley region). Sea, love and sun!

If you have spent Valentine's Day under the California Sun, you will love the Bernardus Lodge. Nestled between the vineyards of Carmel Valley and the Santa Lucia mountains, the Bernardus Lodge is a boutique hotel that is ideal for a happy Valentine's Day. Here, you will be pampered! Body care, wine, and chocolate: what more could you want!

Oustau de Baumanière (Provence region). A foolish shepherd.

We saved the best for last! Choose the Oustau dans les Baux-de-Provence, it is like going down a road of happiness. A mythical place that is known for generations for its art and hospitality. So, without being astronomical, your Valentine's Day stay will be unique and never forgotten. A great offer: an incredible moment of cooking at the Cabro d'Or by Jean-Andre Charial.

La Bonne Etape. Poetic adventure in Provence.

In this "Relais & Châteaux" the family soul, Jany Gleize, the master chef but also householder, has devised a menu for you to love: seeds of heaven, goujonettes entwined, frenzied breasts, but most importantly poetry and love will be at the heart of this gourmet menu! Extend the adventure with this Valentine's Day package: a reception with champagne and sweets, an irresistible dinner, and a night for two in a ample room at lovely prices…