Hôtel La Mirande

Not only a hotel, a papal residence !

  facade la mirande  
chambre la mirande terrasse la mirande cours de cuisine la mirande  


"Silver cutlery, crystal and fine china, the Art of Entertaining is celebrated here." We are in Avignon city, milestone and main gate to the southern Wine route along the Rhone river corridor. Famed as the City of the Popes' Palace and of the renowned Theatre Festival, Avignon has established one of the finest examples of luxury and boutique hotels: “La Mirande”. This fine building was first called Hotel Vervins to be then renamed Hotel Pamard. Many prestigious owners have succeeded here. Seven hundred years of history illustrated by a variety of masks are displayed on its stoned porch.  Resurrected by the Stein family who enriched the decor showcasing all of the 18th and 19th centuries, it became The hotel in town to be where one can find himself in full harmony with the heart of Avignon. Located at the foot of the Pope’s Palace walls, it seems to make one with it. Ah! Had the Pope Clement VI known of this precious address a few centuries ago, he probably would have left his "Opus Novum" and made a comfortable home in La Mirande ! Cosy lounges calling for discretion, labyrinth shaped gardens inviting to meditation, perfect service, stylish staff ... As a true aesthete, the 18th century Clement VI would have appreciated the fine silks of Lyon, the 18th century exotic wallpaper made of toile de Jouy and its beautiful marquetry. Sublime French classicism is highly expressed in all Suites. La Mirande also lauds the Palace. Silver cutlery, crystal and fine china, the Art of Entertaining is celebrated here. One doesn’t eat at the gourmet restaurant: one enjoys a fine dinner, one savours at teatime. The guests may even get familiarized with Provencal cuisine thanks to cooking classes taught by master chefs, or enlarge their wine culture of the Rhone Valley with the hotel’s sommelier who shares a moment of conviviality in the beautifully preserved 19th century kitchen itself. Perfect place to enjoy a long and memorable stay !