Les Avisés

Sparkling Serenity




Anselme Sélosse, a master at creating sensational champagne, produced yet another gem with his wife Corinne by creating Hôtel les Avisés. The former 18th-century mansion retains a neo-classical façade that is playfully juxtaposed with a luminous, modern interior design. The warm, bright and airy house has a serene ambiance and was made to accommodate family and friends who share a taste for beauty.

From the abstract paintings on the walls to the wooden stave sculptures, it is evident that Corinne achieved her dream in creating a hotel rich with art and culture. With help of interior designer, Bruno Borrione, the two selected beautiful fabrics and unique objects - the small details which all add up to give Avisés a signature charm.

The Sélosse family welcomes many international guests to Champagne and, consequently, each of the ten bedrooms are named in their honor…. Salud, Prosit, or Kampaï Chin… All of the suites are adorned in mellow shades of gray and white, inviting a peaceful night's rest. Soft bedding constrasting with the clean lines of wooden furniture and views of the vineyard from large windows further enhance these havens of tranquility.

Behind a large bay window in the kitchen, Avisés chef Stéphane Rossillon (former assistant to Anne-Sophie Pic) can be seen adding citrus butter and subtle hints of saffron to fresh scallops. The chef creates meals full of delicacy, perfectly contrasted with the minerality and acidity of "VO", an ever-evolving grand cru blanc de blancs. The Champagne Sélosse gastronomic experience is unlike any other, providing an emotional journey full of flavors and aromas.

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