In the vineyards of the Côte des Blancs

Its name comes from the very light color of the chardonnay type. Very noble vineyards exclusively dedicated to great champagne vintages production. It is an absolute must for great champagne names to own vineyards on those hills.

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Nicolas Feuillate. As you enter Epernay, a city of modern architecture, the Nicolas Feuillatte Wine Center likes to propose «a different way to consider and drink champagne». Strongly settled in the aera, this center was created by and for the champagne producers and is the largest cooperative union in the region with their common credo «go along with the sustainable development while maintaining the traditional know-how». Nicolas Feuillatte also stands at the top 50 of the contemporary and creative Art. You may have seen London’s «Black Cabs» displaying the Feuillatte logo on their doors. Each year, various artists are selected to illustrate the new vintage wine, as well as exhibits or special prestigious events taking place year-round…

A must : a black and golden flask named «Palme d’Or», a divine tribute to a wonderful opera singer inspired by Nicolas himself. Divine indeed, but very discreet as he never revealed her name.

Access to Art of Wine

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Hostellerie La Briqueterie This former brickyard was turned into a lovely Hostellerie in the heart of the Champagne region. This is a perfect way to discover the cellars of Epernay while enjoying a refined and relaxing stay. The establishment also features a five star gourmet restaurant and spa.


A village whose vineyards are known to produce the best Blanc de Blancs. A menhir at the entrance of Avize reminds you that you are in a prehistoric site. Saint Nicolas Church displays a roman nave and a flamboyant gothic style chevet.

Champagne Leclaire Gaspard. A small but excellent Blanc de Blancs producer.

Veuve J. Lanaud. The combination of chardonnay and pinot noir. The Marie-Joséphine excellent vintage was created for its own founder in 1919.


For the water, two washtubs and a beautiful fountains; for the stained-glass art, Saint Laurent church whose stained-glass windows were executed in the 19th century by the painter Gustave Bourgeois; for the wine, the museum for marriage, love and champagne.

Champagne Milan. A warm and personalized greeting with the professional advice from the champagne storehouse Master and a brut blanc de blancs from old vineyards named “Terres de Noël”.

Mesnil sur Oger

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Champagne Launois, Father & Sons & …. Daughters with Séverine and Caroline. A very nice champagne producer now run by women. Champagne tasting, discovery of their vineyard and wine Museum, dedicated to local crafstmen and traditional tools ; lunch at the « Clos des Cépages » a renaissance castle and possibility to participate in the grape-harvesting season. A complete oeno-touristic program.

Access to Ladies & Wine

A small wine-growing village with its medieval castle which used to be an inn for French kings. Louis XIVth, particularly keen on beautiful gardens and water games, used to love staying there.