EPERNAY, right in the vineyards’ heart

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With its 110 kilometers of cellars, Epernay is located in the very heart of three wine-producing regions. The chardonnay wine variety is usually used for the very refreshing blanc de blancs champagnes. On avenue de Champagne, Epernay’s Champs Elysees, you may see the most beautiful 19th century mansions owned by the most prestigious champagne wine producers and merchants; “the most delightful avenue in the world” as Winston Churchill would say!

Moët et Chandon, (LVMH, Louis Vuitton Group), “very chic!”. Offers a VIP Tour in the Dom Pérignon cellars with wine tasting and access to the magnificent landscaped garden. www.moet.com

Les Champagnes Mercier (LVMH, Louis Vuitton Group), entertaining and fun! You have access to the cellars with a glass elevator. You then go through the 18 kilometers of wine cellars and 47 galeries on a small train with commentaries. www.champagnemercier.fr

De Castellane. You can’t miss its high tower on Verdun Street. Classic! You will visit the cellars as well as the “Cave et Metiers du Champagne” museum. www.castellane.com

Gosset. A new showcase for its champagne flasks displayed in the Malakoff Castle. www.champagne-gosset.com

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La Table Kobus, a nice café with family-type cuisine. 3 rue Dr Rousseau. Tel.: 03 26 51 53 53

Les Berceaux, located on the ancient city wall, offers a nice home and hearty cuisine. 13 rue des Berceaux. Tel.: 03 26 55 28 84

Chez Max, since 1946 and still among the best in the champagne region gastronomy. 13 av Thévenet. Tel.: 03 26 55 23 59

C as Champagne

C comme Champagne3 150x149 <!  :fr  >2   Epernay<!  :  ><!  :en  >2   Epernay<!  :  >As incredible as it may seem «C comme Champagne» is the one and only champagne bar as such in the the wole area! Each week, Frédéric Dricot selects various types of champagnes from small local producers you may taste. A good and well thought-out selection is available along with a technical description for each, enabling interesting and pleasant champagne discoveries. Champagne tasted and explained with passion. 8 rue Grambetta, 51200 Epernay. Tel.: 03 26 32 09 55 www.c-comme.fr


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For a nice lunch at Chef Eric Vignot’s very nice Aux Grains d’Argent. Tel.: 03 26 55 76 28