Seyssel to Belley

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Domaine de Vens. Domaine de Vens was created in 2002 with the goal of producing upscale, biodynamic wines of Savoie. DVH wines are made based on the “Garage Wines” principal, a concept that was developed in France and the United States under the practices of sustainable development. Their 2012 vintage, which is 100% black Mondeuse, is a powerful and structured red wine with aromas of fresh, black fruit and spice. The domaine recently started the tradition of hosting an annual tasting and sales event in Seyssel. Tel 04 50 48 42 38

Access to Organic wine

Cave Lambert. The winery first opened it’s doors in 1930 and is known for their highly accoladed “Royal Seyssel.” This sparkling blend is aged 36 and 48 months in accordance with traditional methods and has fine bubbles, with a delicate nose of white fruit. Cellar is open Tuesday to Saturday.  Route d’Aix-les-Bains


Château de Clermont. This castle, perched on top a hill, is a grand display of 16th century Renaissance architecture. Today, it remains open for art exhibitions and cultural events. Tel : 04 50 69 44 81


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Pelly Castle

The Castle is surrounded by mountains and overlooks a valley in the heart of the Seyssel countryside. Originally built for the Pelly family, who were a part of the Royal Court of Geneva, the castle remains beautifully preserved and rich with historic charm. Guests will love touring the five round towers, chapel, moat and drawbridge. Take breakfast in the grand guard room or a dip in the pool while enjoying the majestic view. 761 Route de Châtel. Tel 09 54 58 83 31


Church of Corbonod.
Known for it’s Gothic fresco, ” Grand Prix de Rome,” created in 1934 by Francis Montanier. Open to the public.

Maison Gallice. This vineyard has been passionately run by the Gallice family since 1920. The domaine spans one hectare of land and is planted with twelve different grape varieties. From these 12 varietals, Maison Gallice produces four niche blends under the AOC Seyssel guidelines.

Maison Mollex. Thanks to several generations in the field, The Mollex family has greatly contributed to the reputation and recognition of the AOC Seyssel. Their domaine is 30 hectares planted with Altesse and Gamay. The white Altesse has notes of iris and violet while their red Gamay varietal is characteristically fresh and fruity. Cellar open Tuesday to Saturday.

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La Chocolaterie du Hameau Delicious chocolate that pairs perfectly with the local wine. 1 rue de la Source. Tel : 04 50 59 23 81.

Bugey Wines and Caveau Bugiste

Le Caveau Bugiste was established in 1967 by six Bugey winemakers. Among the six founding members, some have disappeared, others have taken a well deserved retirement. Today only Jean Chaudet is still active and his vineyard remains open year-round for visitors to the Bugey region. Chaudet’s domaine is planted with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, two varietals with extraordinary body and character, but distinctly different noses: Pinot has notes of truffle while Chardonnay smells of vanilla and almond. AOC Vin du Bugey is produced on ten hectares at the foot of a cliff that belonged to Brillat-Savarin. A visit to the vineyard includes a tour, tasting, and be sure to check out the wine museum, which often feautures various expositions.

Domaine Monin. Gite au Domaine tel 04 79 87 92 33.


From the pier of this charming, small village you can take a walk inland to Lake Bourget.

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La Paillère. This hotel and restaurant is run by Dominique and Carol Comte. Make sure to try frog legs in garlic cream, a house speciality. Tel : 04 79 42 15 44


Maison du Marais


Maison Angelot. Philippe Angelot and his brother, Eric, have run this 25 ha vineyard since 1987. The vineyard consists of 60% white grape varieties (Chardonnay, Roussette, Aligoté) and 40% red and rosé (Gamay, Pinot, Mondeuse). .


Le château.  Le château et ses jardins classés à la française sont ouverts pour les journées du Patrimoine.

Domaine Lingot-Martin. Lingot-Martin, a 30 hectare vineyard in the heart of the Cerdon wine region, was created in 1970 by the unification of four families. They are known for a sparkling rosé wine, the Cerdon Méthode Ancestrale.


Domaine Renardat Jache. Father and son, Alain and Elie Renardat-Fâche, run a well-respected Cerdon vineyard, and were the long-time supplier of wine for late chef Alain Chapel’s famed restaurant.

Massignieu-de-Rives les vignobles du bas Bugey

Caveau Quinard. This 12 ha vineyard is planted with Chardonnay Roussette, Gamay, Pinot and Mondeuse. Tel 04 79 42 10 18


La ville dont Brillat Savarin est l’enfant.

Brillat Savarin’s Childhood Home. Visit the birthplace of Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, born in 1755 in Belley. Brillat Savarin was a French lawyer, who gained lasting fame as the first French gastronomy writer after he published his book “The Physiology of Taste,” two months before his death in 1825.

Les Entretiens de Bellay. A festival, dedicated to the author of Physiology of Taste , that showcases Belley food products one day a year.

Torusim Office 34 Grande Rue tel 04 79 81 29 06

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Au Saint Jean. This 6-bedroom breakfast and bed is located in town near the cathedral.  92 rue ST Jean tel 04 79 81 55 27

Le Bouchon. A restaurant serving top-quality tradition Bugey cuisine. 21 rue Saint Martin tel 04 79 81 49 24

Kario Distillery. The recipe for this herbal alcoholic beverage has been a secret for more than a century. Tours by reservation only. Tel : 04 79 81 02 55.  44 rue Sainte Marie