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Bugey Wine Route

This small, winding road is 400 meters long along the vineyards of the Seillonnaz region. Scattered among the vines one can see traditional “grangeons,” old stone huts that were historically used in Bugey as wine cellars, resting places for vignerons and even as gathering places for festivities during the harvest. The three terroirs of Bugey are Montagnieu, Cerdon and Manicle, which grows Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. The vines in this region are planted on a terrain made of calcareous white clay soil.

Domaine le Peillot. Franck Peillot is the 5th generation of his family to work on his families vineyard, found just outside of the charming town of Montagnieu. Their 1.5 hectares of land is planted with the Altesse grape (also known as the Roussette de Savoie), Mondeuse and a small parcel of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.: 04 74 36 71 56.


Domaine Roland Bonnard Fred and Roland Bonnard oversee one of the best vineyards in Montagnieu. Their 2009 vintage brut sparkles with finesse while the the 2010 Romanenche vintage is highly intense and aromatic as it is produced from a parcel of very old chardonnay vines. Tour and tasting. Tel 04 74 22 34 32.

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Fleurs de Vignes. This restaurant is set in a beautiful vaulted room featuring a nice wine bar and terrace with views. Chef Genevieve Pertuisot’s dishes are warm and comforting, featuring fresh local produce paired with wine from local domaines. Tel : 04 74 36 13 61.


Ambronay Abbey The abbey was founded under the reign of Charlemagne at the beginning of the ninth century and is a beautiful example of gothic architecture and art.

In recent years, the Abbey hosts an internationally renowned Baroque Music Festival every autumn.

In 2003, the Ambronay Cultural Center was established to serve as an organization for heritage conservation and artistic cultivation. Tel : 04 74 38 74 04

Good Addresses

Auberge de l’Abbaye Chef Ivan Lavaux had a an illustrious career working in famed establishments around France, before finally opening his own restaurant which was awarded it’s first Michelin star in 2012. Each day he composes a new menu of unique and artistic culinary creations. 47 place des Anciens Combattants. Tel : 04 74 46 42 54


Château des Echelles. The Chateau features beautiful Renaissance frescoes and remains one of the few classified historical monuments in the area. Open during Heritage Days. Tel : 04 74 36 86 65


A small village rich with fountains and mountains, known for producing a unique, pink sparkling wine.

GAEC Girardi. Michel and Stéphane Girardi are extraordinary vignerons who produce sparkling white and rosé wines, typical to the AOC Bugey Cerdon appellation. Their Blanc de Blancs, is a smooth blend with remarkable fruitiness that can be served as both as an aperitif or dessert wine. Cellar open every day.


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Domaine Renardat Fache. Alain Renardat-Fâche and his son Elie are the fifth and sixth generations of their family to produce the Bugey region’s star wine, Cerdon, a semi-dry, pink sparkling Méthode Ancestral wine. Renardat’s Cerdon has a delicate nose with hints of raspberries and makes a delicious aperitif or dessert wine. The domaine, set on 12 hectares of land, is planted with Gamay (70%) and Poulsard (30%)…Tour and tasting by appointment. Tel : 04 74 39 97 19

Access to Organic wine


Nantua faces a small lake on its west side and is known historically for having been a town of tanners or shoemakers. It’s also known for a delicious local delicacy: Nantua sauce dumplings.

The Resistance and Deportation Museum. Housed in a former prison, this moving museum holds relics and information about World War II. Open May to September. Tel : 04 74 75 07 50

L’Embarcadère.A contemporary hotel and restaurant with a beautiful view overlooking the lake. Chef Jean Charles Guyol serves local and traditional cuisine such as Nantua sauce dumplings and crayfish fricassée .Tel : 04 74 75 22 58