Chambéry to Seyssel


Aix-les-Bains has always been a romantic city and source of seduction thanks to the region’s famous hot-springs, beautiful mountain and picturesque lakes. It’s respected spas were frequented in the 19th century by European aristocracy and jet-setters such as the Aga Khan and the celebrated lake was written about by the famous poet, Lamartine. Beautiful Belle Epoque architecture is found throughout the city which visitors can admire on the facades of the former palaces, the Grand-Hôtel, the château de la Roche du Roi (a listed historic monument), the Bernascon residence, the Mirabeau, the Excelsior or the Splendide, among other sites.

Tourism Office Place Maurice Mollard. Tel : 04 79 88 68 05

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Le Manoir. In 1966, Pierre Pirat decided to rebuild the appartments of the ancient ‘Splendid-Royal’ Palace and convert the space into a hotel restaurant. Le Manoir’s grand transformation finished in 1968, but in the past 60 years has been constantly enlarged and renovated. Le Manoir has a beautiful pool and lovely garden, and guests will appreciate the hotel’s modern day style melded with historic charm. 37 rue Georges Ier. Tel : 04 79 61 44 00

Domaine Xavier Jacqueline

This 6-hectare vineyard located in the heart of Brion St Innocent, has been awarded several accolades, no doubt because of it’s passionate vigneron, Xavier Jacqueline. Jacqueline uses a double fermentation process to make his Chardonnay, resulting in warm aromas of brioche and fresh white flowers. In the summer, the vineyard hosts exhibitions and tastings, accompanied by musical guests in their courtyard. 7 chemin de Saint Sigismond. Tel : 06 74 49 57 05

Les Marches

Jean Perrier et Fils.
This famous Savoie vineyard spanning 52 hectaires of land, was established in 1853, and today is still known for producing remarkable wines, coveted by starred restaurants, and wine shops, far outside of the Savoie region. The vineyard’s Apremont, made from the jacquère grape, is a delicate and pleasing white wine with aromas of quince, brioche and honey. Tel : 04 79 28 11 45

Le Bourget-du-Lac

Château of Thomas II. This castle, built in the 8th century, was said to have been the château for the Dukes of Savoy. The priory, which today is surrounded by marshes, was recently converted into an artistic space. Tel : 04 79 25 01 99

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Atmosphère. The hotel is aptly named as the atmosphere is idyllic and many rooms have balconies overlooking Lake Bourget. The hotel also has a wonderful restaurant. Star chef, Alain Périllat Merecerot. prepares dishes such as calf’s liver with lobster, oysters and chard, pork and polenta, perfectly accompanied by wine from the Allobrogie region. 618 road Tournels Le Bourget-du-Lac. 618 route des Tournels Le Bourget-du-Lac. Tel : 04 79 25 01 29


Domaine Edmond Jacquin et fils

Patrice Jacquin, Edmond’s son, is a busy man as he is mayor of the village of Jongieux. In his spare time he continues the legacy of his late father, Edmond, by continuing to produce elegant grand crus, unique to this part of Savoie. Some barrel ageing is done on occasions, but most of the wines are kept in modern tanks. The excellent Marestel cru, has aromas of brioche and honey rich, a full-bodied mouth feel, and good aging potential. Other Jongieux wines include the domaine’s specialty the Marc de Savoie, which is still aged in oak barrels. Tel 04 79 44 02 35

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L’auberge des Morainières. A small and simple inn worthy of its two stars. Michael, runs the kitchen while his wife Ingrid tends to the front of the house. The foie gras garnished with rhubarb and elderflower is highly recommended in addition to their delicious white fish fillet, perfectly accompanied with a glass of the local roussette de Marestal. Route de Marestel tel 04 79 44 09 39

Saint-Pierre de Curtille

Hautecombe Abbey. In early 1101, Benedictine monks settled in the north-east area overlooking Lake Bourget and thus, 
their abbey, was built in an enchanting position high among the mountain tops. The Hautecombe Abbey has deep historic roots traced back to the members of the Savoy family, who were buried here. Following the French revolution Charles Felix, the former king of Sardinia, was seduced by the beauty of the area and decided to restore the church to it’s former glory. In recent years, the Chemin Neuf Community has gone to great efforts to ensure that the Abbey remains a top tourist destination for the region. tel 04 79 54 26 12

La Grange Batelière. In the thirteenth century it was a place to dock for boats and a storage place for various goods. Today it hosts cultural shows and exhibitions. Open from June to September.


Chanaz is a charming water-front town situated between the Bourget lakes and upper Rhône. Visitors will love dining at lake front restaurants, and taking in the sights such as the town’s mill and unique wooden chalets, which are built on stilts.

Saint-Germain la Chambotte

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Le Belvédère. Le Belvédère is situated high among the mountains at an altitude of 650 meters affording panoramic views across Lake Bourget. The restaurant has a long history (Queen Victoria used to be a frequent diner), but in recent years was completely refurbished to reflect a more contemporary decor and ambiance. Make sure to try their savoie specialities: tartiflette, fondue, and of course, escargot. Open all year. Tel : 04 79 88 44 06


Chautagne Wine Cooperative. The cooperative winery, formed in 1952, has around fifty members who continue to bring their grapes such as gamay, jacquiere, altesse and sell crus such as Chautagne, a wine unique to the Savoie region, which may be either white or red. Open 7/7. Tel : 04 79 54 27 12

Mécoras Château. Castle Mécoras is a majestic castle surrounded by vineyards. It dates back to the fourteenth century and today remains a perfectly preserved historical monument open to the public. Visit by appointment only during Heritage Days. Tel : 04 79 54 27 77