CHALONS EN CHAMPAGNE. A small wine producing Venezia

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A very pleasant combination of water and wine. Along with its three streams and the Marne River canal going accross town, you may really soak in a champagne bath in this town !

Joseph Perrier’s house

The town’s best address: Joseph Perrier champagne producer selected by the Royal Court of Great Britain. The wonderful chalky cellars are actually located at ground level and not underground. This great champagne producer is still traditionally run by the family. The special vintage especially ordered by the Queen for Prince Charles’ wedding is even still produced. 69 Avenue de Paris, 3151016 Châlons-en-Champagne

Take a nice walk through the Three « Jards » designed in the XVth century. The walk through the three gardens are harmoniously organized; this site is listed.

We suggest you take a small boat on the Marne River canal (bookings are to be made at the Tourism Office).
Notre Dame en Vaux’ glass stained window were executed by Mathieu Bléville’s stained glass painting artists, all classified by UNESCO.

The splendid Musée de la Ville (city museum) : in a traditional house, the champagne region art exhibiting the top of sculpture art with pieces from Rodin, Millet, Corot and close to 3000 bird species!

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Les Temps Changent,the Hôtel d’Angleterre ‘s Café: one star on Michelin Guide with the Chef Michel Jacky. 1 rue Garinet. Tel.: 03 26 68 21 51

Le Renard, traditional cuisine but not so conventional . 24 place la République. Tel.: 03 26 68 03 78