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The list of celebrities living in Malibu is too long to present, but to this day none of them are really involved in local wine production. Some probably do drink some of the locally produced bottles and surely some make use of beautiful vineyards, such as Prescilla Presley and Nicolas Cage who got married at the Rosenthal Estate.
A Malibu Wine Trail, supporting members offering locally grown wines with the incredible back drop of the Pacific Ocean, is in the making with the support of The Malibu Chamber of Commerce.

Adamson House

Just north of the famous Pier, this 1929 Spanish Colonial Revival style home is today a National Historic Site and California Historical Landmark which you can visit. Interesting and beautiful! 23200 Pacific Coast Highway, Tel.: + 1 310 456-8432,


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Carol Hoyt Malibu <!  :en  >1   Malibu<!  :  >Hoyt Family Vineyards. Meet Carol Hoyt, the only woman winemaker and owner of
Malibu. Her vineyard, very close to the ocean rolls down from the footsteps of her beautiful home. This is private property so do not expect bus tours to be able to step in and sample wines. After various attempts, Carol decided to plant only chardonnay grapes in her own backyard, but produces other wines from purchased grapes, coming mainly from the Central Cost. Her estate chardonnay is not for the light hearted. It is a full bodied and oaked white, typical of the Californian tradition of chardonnay production. With a phone call and a referral from you may be able to schedule a visit in order to see the beautiful vineyard and sample what she has to have you try facing the pool. A woman of character producing wines just like her. Malibu

Access to Ladies & Wine

Malibu Family Wines. As other wineries, this major operator in Malibu has developed two brands: Semler for the estate wines made from local grapes and Saddlerock for wines made from grapes sourced elsewhere and available in larger quantities. The Semler wines are quite diverse already: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Mourvedre, Grenache for the reds and a Viognier and dessert wine for the whites. Overall, the wines are well made, intense and juicy. Tasting room (outdoor space for picnic) and restaurant.

Rosenthal. The vineyard covers 30 acres of hillside up a canyon that benefits from a unique micro-climate 1,500-feet up above the sea. Individual lots of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc are separately vinified and barrel-aged before blending. The estate and gorgeous house can be visited only by appointment, normally for parties of 6 or more (40$). Otherwise, you can now sip and picnic if you wish at the recent tasting room close to Santa Monica:18741 Pacific Coast Hwy, Tel.: + 1 310 456-1392,

Malibu Vineyards. Behind this simple name there is a man, Jim Palmer who planted his Trancas Canyon vineyard in 1997, before many others even thought about producing high quality wines in Malibu. His reds have won many awards and his 2010 Syrah was among the best wines tasted in Malibu (SEE LIKED AND TASTED). The vineyard is not open to the public, but one can find his wines at various restaurants in Malibu and L.A. and at Wally’s wine store.

Malibu Beach Wines. Opened in Sept 2012, this place allows to try and buy limited production and premium Malibu wines from vintners who do not have their own tasting rooms. Perfectly located, just south of the Malibu Pier. Friendly staff and atmosphere. 22775 Pacific Coast Highway, Tel.: + 1 310 456-7444,

Cornell Winery and Tasting Room. Beautiful and original space that combines art gallery and wine tasting room where many Malibu wines are sold or included in tastings that include wines from other California regions ($10 for tasting of 4 wines). Same owner as The Old Place restaurant right next door. 29975 Mulholland Hwy, Cornell, Tel.: + 1 818 735-3542,

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The Old Place. Imagine a roadhouse that takes you back to the cowboy era that serves good food (well renowned steaks) and boasts a joyful atmosphere and a long bar where customers can drink a nice glass of wine from Malibu or elsewhere. Original, fun and tasty, what else can you ask? 29983 Mulholland Hwy, Cornell, Tel.: + 1 818 706-9001,

Malibu Café. Off Mulholland Hwy, this place allows to admire the beautiful nature of the Santa Monica Mountains surrounding a small lake. The restaurant and bar allow to take advantage of a generous wine list that boasts no less than 24 Malibu wines, including three from Malibu Rocky Oaks, beautiful property perched on top of a hill. 327 Latigo Canyon, Tel.: + 1 818 540-2400,

Malibu and Vine Bar & Grille

Located at the hidden gem that is the public Malibu Golf Club, you’ll be able to sample Semler wines facing the perfectly manicured #1 fairway or move inside to taste the delicious cuisine of chef Matthew Zubrod along with a wide selection of wines. A must see! 901 Encinal Canyon Rd, Tel.: + 1 818 865-0605,

To know more about the area, visit the Malibu Chamber of commerce at: