Domaine Viret

Domaine Viret.Cosmoculture and amphora wines? Both seem to herald from the oldest of times! Next generation wine growers, Alain and Philippe Viret look to the past to better anchor themselves in the future. “Wine is a living product, with a memory, that follows natural cycles and undergoes their influences”. Cosmoculture, a method developed in the 1990s to alleviate this, has now caught up with the fundamental principles of organic and biodynamic culture associated with bioenergy. The new cellar dug out of the Gard stone helps them produce even better wines. Wines that are real and straight and that Alain and Philippe do not hesitate to introduce into amphora for some. The clay amphoras were especially made for the estate by an artisan potter. In the long term, their dream is to build the first amphora wine store in France. The amphora Dolia Paradis 2009 blend can be found in red, amber and “terre de Grenache”. Each blend has its own story, wines to share and meet people and you can find them at the estate on the hills of the Clos du