Florian Beck-Hartweg Estate

Florian Beck-Hartweg Estate. A young wine grower who stands by the Tyflo association, strong of his convictions on the management of his vineyard. An integrated wine growing process following methods that go beyond the Terra Vitis model. Protective hedges, grass growing in between the rows, manual harvesting and pressing of whole grains.. Nature is left to run its course so the wine can express itself without interference. Five and a half hectares of plots on a granite soil with a Grand Cru taking up 25% of production. All seven grape varieties are represented on his estate and the wines are sound and express themselves naturally.
« Welcome to the farm » ! An independent wine grower, if Florian isn’t out among the vines, you’ll find him welcoming you humbly to his farm to take you round the vineyard and taste his authentic wines. 5 rue Clemenceau, 67650 Dambach-la-Ville
Tel : +33 6 37 88 47 43 www.beckhartweg.free.fr