Domain Egia Tegia

Egia Tegia Estate. Emmanuel Poirmeur doesn’t respect any norms, he cannot be categorized yet is full of class. A surprising trajectory for this elitist young man, oenologist, scientist, who having spent time with the best, recognised by his peers, trained with Moet and Chandon and in Argentina, decided to take the leap and to mix the future of wine and the sea. The example of the elders perhaps? The Roman amphorae that sank in the sea were well preserved. Emmanuel had poured a lot of thought into this and evaluated all the parameters for the immersion of wine barrels in the waters of the port of Socoa with the tides of the sea. Working with and around the fishermen, some more supportive than others, his project saw the light of day. His vineyards, planted almost only with Chardonnay grapes, on the hills of the district of Urrugne, dominates the coast and flourishes from the sea spray. Traces of old vineyards remain on the Basque coast. Emmanuel is planting new ones. The site for his wine store is none other than the old gunpowder building in the port of Socoa that dates from the XVIIth century. For the vinification process, his barrels made from cement are submerged off the coast at 12 metre depths. Absolutely exceptional, unprecedented, producing a white wine full of youth and promise that will soon be a reference. The first vines planted in 2009 produced the Egia Tegia (Workshop of Truth) blend in 2011. An exemplary vintage that produces a well honed wine with light bubbles, full of aromas and citrus fruit. Visits by appointment.