Fonroque Castle

Château Fonroque. The Château has been the cradle of the Moueix family since 1931. Their charming Girondine property is devoted to wine making. The last in line, Alain Moueix, a trained wine engineer, has brought his experience to the table and put his mark firmly on the estate. Alain transitioned to organic culture in 2002 and cultivates his 17 hectares with organic and bio-dynamic certified methods. An entire way of life. His cultivation takes into account the soil, water, as well as the sun and moon cycles. Everything is natural and follows the “Demeter” principles; Alain uses cow’s horn and cow manure as well as silica and camomile, yarrow root and nettle boiled infusions for the soil. The respectful management of each plot enables him to get the best out of them and brings a different balance to the wine. A pure wine produced by a purist. The 2008 vintage Grand Cru Classé Château Fonroque is a profound and deep Saint-Émilion wine with notes of golden tobacco, fruits and flowers, with a great aromatic purity and lots of freshness on the palate. Visits by appointment from Monday to Friday. The château also boasts a guest house full of character in the middle of the vines, the Maison d’Adèle. Tel.: +33 5 57 24 60 22