Dudon Castle

Château Dudon. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the château, a large charter house with eighteenth century wine stores, has been handed down from mother to daughter and wife. Julia, Marthe, Renée, Jacqueline and now Evelyne Allien, who is at the head of the 11 hectare estate. For over 250 years, the vineyard has been walled in and no weed killer has ever been used.  Evelyne’s wine is produces from organic grapes certified “Ecocert”, as she follows the same natural and ecological ancestral methods. Château Dudon is a fine wine a Sauternes and the Le Galllien is a Grand Vin de Sauterne. The 2008 vintage has a golden, transparent robe, with floral and fruity tones, which is confirmed in the mouth by a hint of pineapple. Visits every day and also oenological weekends. Tel.: +33 5 56 27 29 38 www.chateau-dudon.fr