Atibaia. In a rustic setting, a perfectly arranged collection of classic design pieces with a modern twist, Atibaia is just on the edge of a marvellous place, where you can admire the view over the region’s hilly landscape. A brand new addition, the Atibaia vineyard itself isn’t actually that new. Its first owner, Jean Massoud, who owned a few other vines in the Batroun region, would produce wine for his own pleasure and that of his close friends and family. Caught up in his own game, the idea to start commercialising his wine came to him one day and he saw his first bottles come out in late 2011: a cabernet, a syrah and a cabernet and syrah blend. Full of promise as they hit the market. He has also just put the final touches on some beautifully designed guest rooms that you will just love. Atibaia, Coteaux de Batroun, Batroun.