Bekaa Valley

History and land

Lebanon’s grand dame of wine

It is the reference in the world of Lebanese wine, one that almost qualifies the entire production of the country, even so, even so… the history and current trends prove contradictory. It isn’t without reason that the most famous and oldest names on Lebanese soil – Ksara, 150 years old, Château Kefraya among others – are located there.

valledelabekaa <!  :fr  >Vallée de la Bekaa<!  :  ><!  :en  >Bekaa Valley<!  :  >

Located at an altitude of around 1000 metres between Mount Lebanon and the Anti-Lebanon mountains, the Bekaa plain enjoys an exceptional climate. Summers are hot, nights are cool and the rain is abundant. Thanks to the snow melt, the region is basked in natural water, which hydrates the earth and allows the grapes to mature peacefully up until mid-September. This perfect natural balance has enabled the region to develop its agricultural activity peacefully, and more specifically for wine, for many years now.

Although formal tours of the vineyards haven’t quite been developed yet, it is easy for you to visit the different châteaux in the region by getting in touch with them in advance. The region is quite small in size so there is no need to follow a particular order; let yourself be led by your enjoyment instead. Chtaura or Zahlé, both towns are very close to each other, you can easily come and go between them. In less than an hour by car, you can escape the chaos of Beirut for a valley basked in sunshine and greenery: Bekaa. A nice appetiser for the grand dame of Lebanese wine.