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Just forty minutes from Beirut, the small seaside town of Byblos has kept all of its by-gone charm. Founded around 5000 BC, the small town is just as enchanting these days with its small alleyways. A superb site from the Antiquity at the juncture of two bays that will only take a few hours for you to visit. The natural well, highly symbolic of what is one of the oldest cities in the world, is complemented by Antiquity-era fortifications and the tombs of the Kings of Byblos. Aside from the historical interest, the city and its surroundings is a mosaic of all the cultural influences it has seen in its history: Roman columns, Phoenician walls, Persian fortifications, a Crusade citadel and some more modern buildings. Byblos is now a high place of Lebanese culture. Its small fishing port is full of Mediteranean charm and must be seen. You’ll find people wondering around taking the city in while others stop for a mezze or a coffee and take in a sweetness of life difficult to imagine anywhere else in Lebanon.

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E & Herbs
A pretty little shop that is buried in Byblos’ souk market and stocks just about anything you need to keep the tradition of the local cuisine going beyond the Lebanese borders! Spices – from cumin to cayenne pepper, not forgetting cardamon and other local dried herbs to make infusions for pretty much anything – helping you sleep, energizing, stress-relieving – definitely worth a visit before you catch your plane. E & Herbs, Byblos souk market.

Lite House
In an elegant setting, the Light House is one of two fish restaurants across from the charming little port of Byblos with a great selection of fish and octopus from the daily catch as well as a great selection of Lebanese dishes: aubergines, tabbouleh, bread rolls, vine leaves, kebbe or hummus. Round the clock service that epitomises the dishes and the view over the peaceful Mediteranean Sea for a truly magical experience. Lite House restaurant, rue du Port, Jbeil, + 961 9 945 133.