La Jasse Castel

Cherries, I tell you! Yes, a generous red fruit, impetuous as a woman. Do not look for a castle, nor for a cellar. Pascale Rivière’ s den is to be found along the Saumailles way. Her vines are all around. Bought one at a time, blended and vinified to render cuvées of great finesse. Her AOP Coteaux du Languedoc are endowed with feminine power. We also like the La Pimpanela cuvée, a peony in Occitan, a treat of a wine that blooms in a complex blend, and les Combariolles that express, on stone, the potential of grenache. At the top, Guide Hachette 2009 lost its heart to Le Jasse 2009.
Pascale, a dynamic Dame du Vin, is president of Vinfilles.