Hoyt Family Vineyards

Carol Hoyt Malibu <!  :fr  >Hoyt Family Vineyards<!  :  ><!  :en  >Hoyt Family Vineyards<!  :  >Hoyt Family Vineyards. Meet Carol Hoyt, the only woman winemaker and owner of
Malibu. Her vineyard, very close to the ocean rolls down from the footsteps of her beautiful home. This is private property so do not expect bus tours to be able to step in and sample wines. After various attempts, Carol decided to plant only chardonnay grapes in her own backyard, but produces other wines from purchased grapes, coming mainly from the Central Cost. Her estate chardonnay is not for the light hearted. It is a full bodied and oaked white, typical of the Californian tradition of chardonnay production. With a phone call and a referral from www.winechictravel.com you may be able to schedule a visit in order to see the beautiful vineyard and sample what she has to have you try facing the pool. A woman of character producing wines just like her. Malibu www.hoytfamilyvineyards.com