Mayard’s Vineyard

Vignobles Mayard Estate. Françoise Roumieux, President of the women’s « Vignes Rhône » association, leads her estate with an « iron first in a velvet glove ». Her three Châteauneuf-du-Pape blends in red and another one in white are like velvet! Excellence is the driving word of an estate that pays tribute to the experience and skills of the Mayard family, whose fifth generation is represented by Françoise. The Clos du Calvaire blend, her grandfather’s former estate, one of the first men to “bottle” his own wine, produces a wine that is pure with a majority of Grenache grapes, supple, simple and round. Another blend, the « Domaine du Père Pape » in memory of Maurice, her father, is made from vines grown at the site of the « Grand Goulet » : a robust, warm wine that stands out with aromas of crushed dark fruit, cocoa and spices. The site of the Crau located 100 meters above sea level on large pebbles belonged to Marie-Louise, the grandmother. The Le Crau de Ma Mère blend produced from those grapes was chosen by the artist Michel Barcelo for his exhibition in Avignon. A special edition whose label is signed by the artist is on Tasted magazine’s Top 100 list.