Sylvie Spiellmann Estate

Sylvie Spiellmann Estate. A woman in tune with her land and what land! Her estate is located on gypsum soil and produces an organic wine, unique in the Alsace! After studying the Champagne and Bourgogne, Sylvie went to Australia and California. She came back strong from the experience. She finds happiness here, amongst her vines. An 8 hectare vineyard whose roots lay in old gypsum quarries mined since the Middle-Ages and afford her wines personality and originality. A biodynamic convert, Sylvie ploughs some of her plots and old vines with work horses. She uses natural compost. Her “Old Vines” Riesling is wonderfully mineral. Fascinated by the history of Bergheim, she created the «Witch of Bergheim », a collector’s box with a selection of 6 of her crus. Welcome to the Estate, Sylvie blends Art and Wine and lends the walls of her exhibition hall to painters for private views and organises gourmet pairings with wine and cheese, standing tasting sessions and private wine tastings as well as open days throughout the year. Do go have a look at her website to find out more. 2, route de Thannenkirch. 68750 Bergheim.