Domaine La Fourmone

La Fourmone Estate. Ever since the establishment of the estate in 1765, Marie-Thérèse Combe and her son Albin have carried on the traditional work of winegrowers producing Vacqueyras and Gigondas with the 13 grape varieties, a safe bet ! It’s the land that makes the difference. The Gigondas, in terraces on clay-limestone hillsides, produces a wine that is tannic and spicy. With the Vacqueyras, planted in the plain on a light and sandy soil, we come onto violet and red fruit. The Trésor du Poète blend, in honour of the provençal poet Mistral, has been carefully crafted from grenache and syrah grapes with strong notes of red fruits. a été soigneusement élaborée à partir de grenache et syrah très orientée sur le fruit rouge. Very discreet, the Cigalou blend reflects its land, that of olive trees and resinous laurel and thyme plants, another poem to savour !