Domaine Gavoty

Domaine Gavoty. These vines have been passed down 7 generations of the same family along with their expertise and love of winemaking. 42 hectares, located near the old Roman Via Aurelia that testify of their footprint in time. Today, it is their descendant, Roselyne Gavoty that has taken the helm with her husband. On this limestone ground, known for its white wine, Roselyne has been one of the pioneers in the matter of rosé wine: offering quality vintages that are complex and elegant, she has given rosé wine its credentials, previously under estimated. She does however need to remain vigilant to underline the difference between a light rosé for the aperitif and a gastronomic rosé to the consumer. Le Grand Campdumy, Route de Flassans, 83 340 Cabasse. Tel.: 04 94 69 72 39.