Domaine des Haut de Chénas

Domaine des Hauts de Chénas. The Chénas, a rare pedigree vintage, is the wine of Nathalie Fauvin’s domaine. A viticulturist whose love of the vine is grounded in her heart. Just one grape variety but vintages, including the Séléné, a beautiful discovery of a wine in the feminine, full of finesse, and revealing, behind its garnet colour, floral and woody aromas, pure pleasure. Nathalie’s mother looks over the stove. You can have lunch on the terrace with its stunning view, enjoying local dishes: andouillette, marbled ham or snails, all of which can be swallowed down with a Chénas. To round the day off, you should pay a visit to the P’tit musée d’Emile, dedicated to old wine and vineyard tools. Vine tour and tastings, by appointment. Tel.: +33 (0)4 74 06 76 31