Domaine Château Coujan

The name of Caîus attesting to the traces of an ancient Roman villa is found in archives dating back to 968. The fortified farm and the Romanesque chapel were erected on the site of Wisigoth tombs dedicated to the martyred Saint-Etienne. Coming into the domain of Goujan, of a metallic blue among the greenery, you will admire house peacocks nesting at the top of tall trees. The scene is magical and unexpected. Peacocks are also found on the armorial labels. Orchards, wheat, barley, olive trees and vines abound on 180 hectares tended and developed by the energetic Florence Guy. She produces from AOP Saint-Chinian to IGP in Coteaux de Murviel. The Bois Joli cuvée, issued from old vines, offers a large and gourmand red. Florence has fitted out two large lodgings with a view on the vines and a pool in the métairie.