Château Barbeyrolle Vineyard

Domaine Château Barbeyrolle. A fine lady. Régine Sumeire, always welcoming and so engaging, is one of the most respected figures of the Mediterranean wine world. At the head of the estate since 1977, she has been instrumental in popularising rosé wine, securing its credentials. Her “rose petal” blend launched in 1985 brought her into the avant-garde of a light and fine rosé wine, starting a trend for many other producers. Her 12 hectares, pampered with care and cultivated organically, include 8 varieties of grapes, which are harvested by hand. The primary concern here is to respect the land. A quality of attention that translates into each vintage. By way of anecdote, Régine is also a passionate cook and has edited a small recipe book: “Winemaker and food lover”. 2065 Chemin de la Berle, 83 580 Gassin; Tel.: +33 4 94 56 33 58.