Coteaux Vineyard

Coteaux de Botrys. Neila Bitar was enrolled at the Arts and Crafts School in Germany when her father, General Joseph Bitar, decided in 1998 to pursue his dream: become a winegrower. His four daughters watched over the venture with affection, not yet knowing they were destined to take over when their father passes away a few years later. A father who will forever look over the Bothrys vineyards that Neila cares for. Is it difficult to be a woman in the wine industry? The answer is simple. No, not in Lebanon, Neila Bitar says so with the hint of a smile. Does she ever go back to her first passion, interior design and architecture? Of course, from December to March, when the vines don’t need her, Neila travels and takes in culture and art from all the places she visits before returning to her vines; “the vineyard closest to the sea in the whole of Lebanon” as she would proudly point out. A truly magical place.