Château de l’Engarran

For Diane and Constance, the duo of the wine ladies, patrimony and wine are one and the same at Engarran. Atlases are represented on the label of the two emblematic cuvées Quetton Saint-Georges and Adelys. The Atlases, entwined with vine shoots, bear witness to the viticultural activity of the domaine since the 18th centuy. For the Sainte-Cécile cuvée, the label reproduces the face sculpted in stone of Lois de Marigny, beloved wife of Jean Vassal, the former owner. In the park, the statue of a lioness feasting on grapes gave its name, The Lion, to a gourmet cuvée.
Statuaries, bestiaries, grottoes and water buffet will delight you. The discovery of the Castle, splendid 17th century “Folie” with its consecrated chapel and its Versailles type park will make y our eyes open wide. Whether on the side of the courtyard or the garden, the architectural ornaments of the façades pay homage to love and wine. 60 hectares, by half AOP and IGP, the wine worked out by the ladies declines in AOP Languedoc, Grès de Montpellier and Vin de pays d’Oc. The cuvée La Lionne had us roaring with pleasure. Guided visit around the castle and wine museum.