Gilles Marre, Wine cellar advisor and chef of the gourmet restaurant, Le Balambre of the Hotel Terminus in Cahors. A strong personality in the world of wine Malbec. The Le Cèdre vintage of Château Le Cèdre estate, a round wine, rich and distinctive. A vin de garde.
The Prestige Vintage of Combel La Serre Estate nested on a small hillside. A Malbec wine that has legs with aromas of ripe fruit. It lingers on the palate.
The Les Escures Vintage from Perri Estate. A very local and donw to earth wine produced in small plots, young, full bodied and well balanced.

Madiran - Jurançon - Irouléguy

Henri Amestoy "farmer and cook" is the owner of the Ferme Gourmande in Osses. Henry is very attached to the combination of food with wine.

All Irouléguy wines from Jean Louis Costes made at Ameztia estate. A small production very difficult to reserve from one year to another, the white goes beautifully with the cheese Ossau Irraty.
The vintage Haitza from Arretxea Estate. Irouléguy, a strong red wine, very fruity and deep, that needs a wine decanter and should be served with game or a roasted pigeon, caramelized and aromatized with pepper from Madagascar.
The red and rosé wines from the Estate Florence Mourguy in Ispoure, tannic and soft wines, perfect to accompany a Basque sausage served with panfried apples.
Le Blanc 2009 from Brana Estate is a marvel to be enjoyed with a crusted hake with chorizo ​​and butter.