La ferme d'Augustin

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A few meters away from the famous Tahiti Beach, la Ferme d’Augustin welcomes us warmly in the peace of mind and the greenery. In the 50s, Augustin threw open his table to some passing guests. Strollers as the most famous people attracted by the authenticity of the character and place decided sometimes to spend there at night. It is in 1978 that Ninette, Augustin’s daughter, and her husband Gilbert resume this quiet and mythical place. They enlarge and restore the original buildings keeping the family feeling and values which are dear to them: warmth, conviviality, sincerity and….happiness. It is a success! “The Hotel” becomes then like another “at home” where regular guests have pleasure to meet every year with a glass of the home-made Rosé.. The hotel arranges charming rooms (some with a terrace) with countryside or sea view. Make your choice. On the other hand, Provence dominates in each of them : former furniture, Salernes’ stiles, embroideries and provencal tissues regularly renewed…

We find the authenticity to the selection of the local products proposed on the spot: La Ferme d’Augustin products its own Rosé “Le Clos Bellevue”, fruit of a completely manual traditional grape harvest Biodynamie. Its Olive Oil is of a rare delicacy and the home-made jams make the unanimity. Pierre Bourdon himself takes care of the exclusive oilfactory line of La Ferme d’Augustin.

Party is in the heart of Saint-Tropez, serenity is at La Ferme….