Montpellier: La Languedocienne

The oldest University of Medecine, the capital of the States of Languedoc, of Lutherie, of wine growing … Montpellier deserves the superlative and conjugates itself in the future. The Languedoc capital of medieval origin owes its rise to the Lords of Guilhem who reigned during the Carolingian era. François Rabelais studied at Montpellier university of medicine in 1530. Jean Moulin, member of the Resistance during WWII, was born in Béziers; he used to live at No. 21 in the street that now bears his name.

A Place in the Sun. Plazas and terraces succeed themselves in the historical center – Place de la Comédie, the emblematic town plaza, as well as Place de la Canourgue, Place Royale du Peyrou … Take a stroll.

Tram design. The tramway wears Prada. After the tramways signed Garouste and Bonetti, line 3 wears Christian Lacroix haute couture to go from the city to the beach.

Architecture. The future Hôtel de Ville and the Design Center will be built by architects Jean Nouvel and François Fontès. The refitting of the Port Marianne with the Maison pour Tous will become the link between the city and the sea.

Musée Fabre. Fabre, Valedau, Bazille … Since its opening, the Museum has strived to enrich its collections. In testimony of his affection for the city, Pierre Soulages has gifted the Museum with an exceptional collection of his works and the loan of 12 large size works. Daniel Buren executed “La Portée” on the pavement at the entrance of the museum. 30 Boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle. Tel.: 04 67 14 83 00

Carré Sainte Anne. Managed and animated by Numa Hambursin, artistic director, the desacralised church reconverted into Art Space figures at the forefront of contemporary art. 2 rue Philippy. Tel.: 04 67 60 82 11

Château de Flaugergues. The castle is one of the oldest Montpellier “Folies” a summer resort built close to the city. Planned in the 17th century for Etienne de Flaugergues, the Folie is today the home of Henri and Brigitte de Colbert. Yes, you are in the presence of the line of Colbert who was a minister of Louis 14th. Count Pierre de Colbert occupies himself with the the operation of 40 hectares of vineyards, of the marketing and sale of his wines classified AOP Languedoc, Grès de Montpellier and Vin de Pays d’Oc. The private guided visit of the chateau where the same family has lived for ten generations is a must; here you will discover a true art de vivre à la française! Box trees, olive tree lined walks, mirror pond, terraces, bamboos, statues …The park is classified Jardin Remarquable. Guided visit of the castle and tasting

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L’Ecole du Vin Dominique Laporte. The art of tasting, the creation of a cellar, discovery of the world of wine … Everything you want to know about wine but never dared to ask! Dominique Laporte, the best wine waiter of France brings it to you. 6 rue Vaneau.

Aux Grands Vins de France. A big enterprise, almost 100 years old, that devotes itself with fervor to wines from here and elsewhere. 1 and 3 rue de l’Argenterie. Tel.: 04 67 60 75 48

Le Trinque Fougasse. Please make a reservation because the “in” wine bar of Montpellier is chock-full at night. At the bar, 3 to 4 winemakers of the region present the wines of their domain.People taste and choose their bottle to accompany the tapas – a successful formula! Otherwise, sommelier Alejandro Coloma can advise you on other cuvées. A beautiful discovery in one of Montpellier’s hippest districts. 148 rue de Galata. Tel.:04 99 23 27 05

Pinto. All amateurs of specialty grocery products have shopped at Pinto’s since 1957. Salted mullet or tuna bottarga, olive oil and rougette de Pignan olives, a home-made blend, peppers from around the world and especially from the Pavé Saint-Roch. 14 rue de l’Argenterie. Tel.: 04 67 66 63

Tamarillos. It’s like a dream come true! Philippe Chapon, cuisinier of flowers, fruit and aromas, has opened his small restaurant Place du Marché aux Fleurs. A cook and a poet, he serves all of his flowered prose on a plate. Intimate restaurant of only seven tables and fine cuisine.2 Place du marché aux Fleurs. Tel.: 04 67 60 06 00.

Le Petit Jardin. A modern “resto” with garden, wine bar and delicacies carefully simmered by the Irish Chef Martin Damaon. 20 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Tel.: 04 67 60 78

Folia. Stop after or before the visit; in the courtyard, the restaurant of the Château de Flaugergues offers a simple but quality lunch from Monday to Friday. The cuisine is based on the market’s offerings. Tel.: 04 99 52 66 35

Baudon de Mauny. From Design back to the heart of the 18th century! Ah! To alight in a private 18th century mansion and live in a 21st century decor … Dream is now reality: Alain de Bordas and his wife realized it. The majestuous setting of their family home serves as a precious jewel case to reinvent space, re-interpret, innovate, marry the old and the new with taste in the very exclusive and very conceptual boutique hotel. Eight large rooms. 1 rue de la Carbonnerie. Tel.: 04 67 02 21 77.