CARCASSONNE : the crowned city

Founded more than 2000 years ago by Louis 11th, The city appears like a mirage, unrolling its stone ramparts and towers of golden stone. One does not tire of this magnificent vision. Once the Narbonnaise door has been cleared, Carcassonne “intra muros” takes us into her arms. Lanes, houses, countal castle, lookout towers, parapet walks, it remains a fortress until the 17th century, as a boundary between France and Aragon. Restored in the 19th by Viollet-le-Duc with pointed roofs on slate covered towers, the city regains its aspect of 18th century royal city. Carcassonne is registered in the World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1997.

The medieval city is often courted by movie directors: Among the films realized in Carcassonne: “le miracle des Loups” with Jean-Louis Barrault and Jean Marais, “le Corniaud” with Bourvil and Louis de Funès, Robin des Bois (Robin Hood) with Kevin Costner, or “les visiteurs” with Christian Clavier and Valérie Lemercier. Guided visit of the castle and battlements. 1 rue Violet-le-Duc. Tel.: 04 68 11 70 70

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La Barbacane. Located inside the Medieval city, the gastronomic restaurant of the hotel earned a Michelin star in 2002. The Chevreau de Che, The hotel’s gastronomic restaurant located in the medieval city, received a star in 2002. The Chevreau de Chez Combebelle (kid goat) And Arborio rice are musts to savor in Spring and the Arborio are musts to savor in Spring. Place Auguste Pierre Pont. Tel.: 04 68 71 98 71

Restaurant Comte Roger. Beautiful table, great welcome. Chef Pierre Messa has no equal when it comes to preparing a true cassoulet with its confit of duck leg. As plat du jour, let me just say, were small calamari filled with a paella mixture. Sol we chose both! That’s it, we’ve shared our secrets. 14 rue Saint Louis. Tel.: 04 6811 93 40

Le Donjon. A gastro-brasserie perfect for a lunch break on the terrace, under clear skies. Reasonably priced menu, diligent service and an excellent foie gras. 4 rue Porte d’Aude .Tel.: 04 68 25 95 72

Hôtel Moderne et Pigeon

We could not have made it up! The master of the house’s name is Jean-Luc Desmoineau! A cozy nest. In olden times, this house was the residence of the Souvigny, parents of Madame du Barry’s. Vestiges of the grand siècle include a stairwell, stained glass windows, walls of the ancient chapel painted with grisailles, leading up to the bedrooms on Cloud Nine! Table of great repute. Jean-Luc concocts a twice cooked pigeon, a marvel of delicacy and flavor… 1 Place Général Leclerc. Tel.: 04 68 31 00 25.

Hôtel de la Cité. This hotel of mythical reputation lies within the ramparts attached to the Cité. With its Medieval surroundings, tasteful décor, contemporary ambiance, it stands as a Chic rendez-vous at the heart of the town’s heritage. Five-star service, you can savor breakfast in your room, but the one served in the restaurant is a festival of colors and flavors. A delightful way to start the day. Tel.: 04 68 71 98 71