Balloon Flights with France Montgolfières

Bird's eye view of vineyards, villages and chapels.



« A once in a lifetime experience that need to be to consume without moderation ».

First hot air balloon Transport Company in France, France Montgolfières proposes Balloon rides in Burgundy above the vineyards, castles and historic villages of Burgundy

After inflating the Balloon, you can now board. The sensation of flying  is fantastic. With a peaceful mind, one can admire the vineyards in Burgundy, Cotes de Nuits, Côte de Beaune, near Beaune and the splendid Basilica Sainte-Madeleine in Vezelay.

The ride lasts about three hours. It starts early and ends with the traditional “balloonist toast" with a glass of champagne.

The French Hot Air Balloon Team is always attentive and willingly shares knowledge and flying anecdotes while having a drink. It is a unique experience having your head in the clouds.