In the vineyards from Dijon to Nuits Saint-Georges


Le Domaine des Varoilles. In the «little valley» a vineyard had already been planted in the twelfth century. It belonged to Chapitre de Langres who then sold it as National Property. An enclosure with vines, a small house on the hills in the middle of vineyards to picnic in and a winemaker with her own character. Fabienne Bornet who runs the estate, ten hectares in sustainable culture, knows her land like the tips of her fingers and just loves to share it with you. We also like the authenticity of the Varoilles wines. Eight prestigious terroirs, five of which in monopoly: Le Clos du Meix, Le Clos des Ouches, La Romanée 1er cru, Le Clos Sanit Pierre and Le Clos du Couvent. Certified origin wines from pinot noir grapes, grown on old vines and on marly soil. Wines to put down, full bodied, sappy, tannic and which hold violet aromas.

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Philippe Leclerc’s vineyard. Philippe has inherited a precious winemaking estate from his ancestors. Vineyards, which he works with respect: Chambolle-Musigny, Gevrey-Chambertin. Generic Burgundies, the Bons Bâtons, a blend, which has all the greatness of a Chambolle-Musigny, a wine it has aged next to. The Gevrey-Chambertin first growth and the Combe aux Moines, velvety and very complex, deserve to be put down for ten years or so. Wines he lets mature lovingly, overseeing them like children, and which make it worth his while. A very Rock’n Roll winemaker who has bought himself a copy of Henry Fonda’s chopper, not forgetting his 1980 Ferrari Excalibur. A slightly mad artist, who has transformed his house, in the middle of the village, into a work of art, a gothic cavern, a Dali house. Philippe likes creating sculptures, strange characters – a mix between demons and angels. His very own dream world that he willingly shows off to his visitors. Rue des Halles. Tel.: +33 3 80 34 30 72

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Château de Gevrey

A Clunisian site. In 1015, the estate including vineyards, meadows and springs was offered to the monks of the Cluny Abbey by the Vergny family. A priory, which, under Louis XI’s reign, had been turned into a fortified site with moats and a draw bridge following the strict roman burgundy architecture. The estate, bought in 1791 by ancestors of the present owners, now belongs to Elisabeth Mitéran, the daughter of Genevieve Masson. Gevrey-Chambertin, Bourgogne.. Elisabeth is in charge of three hectares of vineyard, producing wines of character. The Charme Chambertin Grand Cru is made from hand-picked grapes growing on a small strip of land and has a nice deep red colour with aromas of black cherry. A limited production between 300 to 600 bottles a year, no more!

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Chez Guy. A restaurant and wine merchant family producing wholesome local dishes of which one can never tire – they just taste too good! A la carte, the chef Yves Resbsamen proposes Burgundy’s best dishes such as snails, parsley ham, frog’s legs and game in season. The Romanée Conti rubs shoulders with the Bourgogne Villages on the wine list. When the weather is fine, the terrace, right in the middle of the village, is packed. Tel.: +33 3 80 58 51 51


Caviste Grands Bourgognes. A wide selection of wines from 120 estates is housed in this vast, modernly decorated space, which has a tasting bar. A thousand vintages and Claire, a wine specialist, to guide you according to your taste and budget. The price of a bottle can vary from 7 to 10.000 euros for a Romanée Conti! Tel.: +33 3 80 79 29 90

Morey Saint Denis

Taupenot Merme’s Vineyard

Seven generations of passionate wine makers, an aristocracy, in the best sense of the term, of whom Virginie Taupenot Merme, the sister, and Romain Taupenot, the brother, are deserving descendants. Very active, as well as assuming the presidency of a society entitled ‘Women and Burgundy Wines’, Virginie travels the world over to promote their wine. Romain is in charge of the vinification. He believes that wine quality is improved by the use of organic viticulture practices. The entire vineyard is organically farmed. The 13 hectares of vineyard are in the best climates between Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits. Some Grand Cru en Chambertin, Premiers Crus of Nuits Saint Georges, Chambolle-Musigny, Auxey-Duresses, some white Saint Romain in Villages appellation, all from the vines above Meursault, not forgetting the Bourgogne Passetoutgrain and the Aligoté. Wines which have elegance in common, and top every wine specialist magazine’s ‘best of’ lists. Visits by appointment. Tel.: + 33 3 80 34 35 24

Domaine Perrot Minot. Amédée, Armand, Léonie, Henri …and Christophe. Christophe Perrot Minot, had a spell as a wine trader then returned home in 1993 to oversee the family holding. The vineyards at Morey-St-Denis, Gevrey-Chambertin and Chambolle-Musigny have been added to with the famous Pernin Rossin estate in Vosnée Romanée. Christophe continues in the tradition yet modernises at the same time, bringing out the best of his estate by draping his wines, vines and grapes in top fashion. Sustainable viticulture, wine harvesting at optimal maturity, quality rather than quantity, high-tech wine store… The Côtes de Nuits fashion designer has won his bet – to make wines of excellence. By appointment only.

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Château d’Entre-Deux Monts. The château, built between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries, is a truffle minefield today. The mixture of truffle and heritage enables one to enjoy the wonderful architecture of the castle and its outbuildings while also becoming familiar with black diamond farming, followed by tastings! Tel: +33 3 80 33 38 21

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Fruirouges et Compagnie. The Organic farm shop belonging to fruit farmers Isabel and Sylvain Olivier offers blackcurrants, strawberries, raspberries, red currants, vine peaches, cherries … to name but a few – transformed into cordials, jam, creams, ratafia, and other delicious and poetic condiments. Tel.: +33 3 80 62 36 25


Château André Ziltener. A hotel in parkland surrounded by vineyards, which being in Chambolle-Musigny territory is equipped with a tasting cellar and a wine bar. You would expect nothing else! Tel.: +33 3 80 62 41

Vosne Romanée

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Domaine Anne Gros. A wine-making estate with a bed and breakfast, La Colombière. Anne Gros, also a member of the “Woman and Wine of Burgundy” society, runs the estate. After reading literature, she now spends her time cultivating the vine having taken over from her father. She has grown the estate from three to six and a half hectares, and although respectful of tradition, likes to innovate so she is interested in biodynamic culture and biodiversity, treating and working her vines sustainably, however without seeking the label for it. Her vineyards stretch over Concoeur, Vosne-Romanée, Flagey- Echézeaux, Chambolle-Musigny and Clos Vougeot territory. Her Clos Vougeot, the Grand Maupertui, is a full bodied wine, with a velvety purple colour and strong undertones of prunes and liquorice. Through her bed and breakfast business, Anne tries to encourage wine tourism in the region as part of an association. A selection of wine for women, tastings, walks through the vineyards are all on offer to the tourist just passing through. A whole Burgundy way of life that Anne loves to share.

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Domaine Mugneret-Gibourg. Jacqueline together with her daughters, Marie-Christine and Marie-Andrée are the ladies of Mugneret Gibourg. An elegant winemaking estate, which is closed on Wednesday – children’s day (Her own! Not visitors’!). Since 1900, the estate has produced red Burgundy, Vosne-Romanée, some Nuits Saint-Georges and an Echézeaux Grand Cru. The estate has developed by obtaining precious strips between Chambertin and Vosnes and now has six hectares in pinot noir vine plants, grown sustainably. The aim of these ladies, all shrewd wine makers, is to produce a wine full of fineness and freshness, by respecting and vinifying the pinot noir as much as possible.

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Citeaux Abbey. It played a primordial role in not only the history of western Christianity but also in the development of vineyards. Badly hit by the Revolution, the Abbey has kept its library and the copyists’ cloister. Visit and sale of excellent goat cheese and honey sweets. Tel.: +33 3 80 61 11 53

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Château de Gilly. Former residence of the fathers from Citeaux Abbey, situated right by the famous Clos Vougeot, it has kept its majestic architecture dating from the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries, together with a formal French garden. The château, lying amid vineyards, has been converted into a luxury hotel. The gastronomic restaurant, Le Clos Prieur, offers a lunch menu entitled ‘Flavours of the Region’. There is also a cellar, tastings and oenology


Domaine Dubois. In the seven spring village, Burgundy wine is well represented at the Dubois estate. 23 hectares on 20 different appelations for white and red wines from pinot noir, chardonnay, aligoté and gamay vine plants. Raphaël and Béatrice Dubois, both equipped with a qualification in viticulture and oenology, work their vines in sustainable culture. Their red pinot noir Burgundy blend, Bouteille du Grand Père, from old vines grown by their ancestor, offers a garnet colour with aromas of ripe red fruit, a powerful, robust wine. Tel.: +33 3 80 62 30 61

Domaine Michèle and Patrice Rion. A family of wine craftsmen with an estate over five and a half hectares and five appelations. The vineyard is run on sustainable culture principles, with a hand-picked and deliberately small harvest to ensure quality. A nice range of Nuits-Saints-Georges, of which a Premier Cru, Les Fleurs Blanches 2008: a white wine 80% Chardonnay and 20% pinot, grown in a miniscule strip, which only produces 6000 bottles per year. A safe haven of very pure white, mineral, with citrus fruit overtones.

Château du Clos de Vougeot.
This historical site is known the world over, specialised in promoting both wines and gastronomy from the Burgundy region. There are no longer any vineyards, nor wine there. The château has become the headquarters for the Livery of the Knights of Tastevin. A remarkable Cistercian collection of buildings, constructed by the builder monks of Cîteaux from the twelfth century, so that they could effectively run their vast winemaking estate. A fermenting room with four enormous presses, a secular oak framed store house, an attic dormitory like a cathedral… the visit is amazing! One can but guess the importance wine had in the Middle Ages. The château that oversees the vineyards was built in the sixteenth century in the elegant Renaissance style by the 48th Abbot, Dom Loisier. The latest owner to date, Etienne Camuzet, sold the château in 1944 to the Livery, but not the vineyards. Many famous visitors have since been inaugurated there. Tel .: +33 3 80 62 86 09 for visits.


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Restaurant Simon. To be found in the village, the family run restaurant is Bourguignon to the core, steeped in tradition, a peaceful gourmet stop over. You won’t be disappointed. Tel.: +33 3 80 62 88 10

Vosne Romannée

Domaine de Romanée Conti. This mythical estate has been a private company since 1974 and unfortunately cannot be visited unless of course you are a VIP. Cultivated since 1232, the 1.8 hectare plot of Romanée Conti, ‘Le Clos du Cloux’, was planted with pinot noir by the monks of Saint Vivant in the fifteenth century. A century later, the court nobles take an interest in the vineyard due to its powerful, velvety, totally incomparable wines. Louis François of Bourbon , Prince of Conti, rivals Madame de Pompadour, the king’s mistress, over the estate. In 1760, the prince wins the battle and gives the estate his name. Around 6000 bottles are currently produced annually.


A small community but a hugely impressive name, here we are in the heart of Burgundy’ ‘Champs Elysées’.

Domaine Dufouleur et Fils For 14 generations, the Dufouleur family have handed down from father to son the noble trade of winemaker. Yvan is today at the helm of the 40 hectares estate. Vines planted over more than 20 certified appellations in both Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune. Estate and tasting cellar, the wine sold in the town, guided tours and seventeenth century maturing cellars. 17 and 15 rue Thurot.

Saint Symphorien Cistercian Church. Thirteenth century, with a hand pulled belfry containing 37 bells.

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Maison Joseph Carton. Traditional Liqueur distillery since 1882, this traditional shop sells crème de cassis, liqueurs, brandies, some very old Marc and aged Fine de Bourgogne. 22 rue du Dr Louis Legrand. Tel.: +33 3 80 62 00 90

La Cabotte. A nice little restaurant for a snack. 24 Grand rue Tel.: +33 3 80 61 20 77

Le Cassisium. A graphic museum space dedicated to the making and history of blackcurrant and its uses, the best known being kir using a drop of crème de cassis and a white aligoté Burgundy wine. This is a local specialty, which became world famous thanks to Canon Félix Kir, former vice mayor of Dijon. Tel.: + 33 3 80 62 49 70

L’imaginarium. Paying homage to the fine wines and Créments of Burgundy, two wine tourism shows, “The Sacred Vine” and “Magic Bubbles” are colourful sound and light shows. Tel.: +33 3 80 62 61 40

Bruant Pottery. The stoneware and enamelled porcelain made by Florence Gonin and Wulf Rohland are of a very high quality: bowls, teapots, dishes, modern Japanese inspired pots, delicately moulded. Open all year round but better to call beforehand to be on the safe side. Tel.: +33 3 80 61 42 50