In the vineyards from Romanèche-Thorins to Chiroubles


Domaine des Marrans. A family smallholding, wine growers from fathers to sons since 1970 with 20 hectares, ten of which in the Fleurie vintage. The young Matthieu Mélinand, who follows sustainable viticulture principles, estimates that one needs “good grapes to make good wines”! His Terroir du Pavillon, a limited production, elaborated from the oldest vines, reveals a Fleurie with aromas of roses, spices and blackcurrants. Visits are by appointment.

Château de la Bouronière. Joëlle and Fabien de Lescure are naturals at wine tourism, quite like Mr Jourdain did prose. Created in 1987, on a hill above the hamlet of Labourons, at the heart of Fleurie wine country, the estate overlooks the vineyards and the landscape is made up of fields scattered with sheep and donkeys. Built in the sixteenth century, the estate now counts six hectares of Fleurie vintage vineyards and a further 35 that are being cultivated sustainably. It is the blending and elaboration of the wine, which makes it stand out. Guided visits with slideshows, “machons” – these small meals favoured by wine growers – are available if you book ahead, walks in the vineyards and porter service to take your luggage to the Bed and Breakfast. Joëlle is a member of the 100% feminine “Etoiles en Beaujolais”. A very dynamic group. Tel.: +33 (0)4 74 69 82 13


Madone de Fleurie
A small chapel erected in 1870 by the villagers as a gesture of thanks for the miraculous halt of the Prussians on the border of their territory. The keystone comes from the Cluny Abbey in Paris.

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Chantal Chagny’s Auberge du Cep is one of the highlights of Beaujolais gastronomy. Fare that has won her awards, at the heart of the vines that shouldn’t be missed. Tel.: +33 (0)4 74 69 83 92

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Domaine du Clos des Garands. Mr and Mrs Yves take care of their bed and breakfast, which boasts four ‘wheat ears’ for which they converted their beautiful house, having passed the wine estate on to their daughter. They were right to do so. The young Audrey Charton took over the management of the estate in 2004 masterfully. A wise viticulturist and president of the ten Beaujolais vintages, she takes care of their six hectares of vineyards located in one stretch on the Garands hillside. Just Fleurie wine and three vintages, including the Sublime, which comes from 110 years old wines and is matured 18 months in oak casks, a sublime Fleurie, just as its names indicates. Visits of the vineyards and wine store by appointment. Tel.: +33(0) 4 74 69 80 01

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Chateau des BachelardsOnce again, this elegant property has been built by the Benedictine monks in the 17th century. They drew themselves the”clos” as well as the main house house of. The 6ha-clos now produces exclusively Fleurie wines, one of the most complex terroirs in the region. The Countess Alexandra de Vaizelles acquired the castle in 2014. Full of ambition, she expands successfully the range with Saint-Amour, Moulin-à-Vent appelations and white wines. A very nice guest room is available in the tastefully decorated castle. Wine tasting on request. Tel: +33 9 81 49 47 00

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Château de Javernand. This stunning nineteenth century manor house, perched above the village of Chiroubles, boasts one of the prettiest views over the Saône valley. Five generations of the Fourneaux family have succeeded each other since 1917. Philippe, Pierre and Arthur perpetuate the tradition of the artisan wine growers with passion at the heart of the Chiroubles wine country. A fine and tender wine, with all that feminine elegance has to offer, such as their “les Gatilles” vintage (the small lizard). The cuvée Selection Château de Javernad, a wine for laying down with a lot of character, garners the full attention of the Fourneau and brings happiness to every Chiroubles amateur.

Visits of the wine store, tastings, gourmet walks and parties for the vintages all figure on the programme, by appointment. Tel.: +33 (0)9 63 29 82 13

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Atelier de Mathilde Pénicaud
For a visit (by appointment) at the workshop of a young and very talented artist. Mathilde Pénicaud sculpts cement and steel, strong materials which inspire her, she creates furniture, highly contemporary pieces in the style of the great sculptor Chillida. Her work is exposed at the KOULINSKY gallery in Paris and Marseilles and at the 21ST gallery in New York…

Domaine de la Combe au Loup. Nathalie and David Méziat, aside from vineyards, they own a small cadole (stone hut) in the vineyards with its tree that would provide shade for the work horse. A table, some benches, a bottle of their Chiroubles, happiness in the vines! Their estate is at the heart of the village of Chiroubles and has a vast cellar and wine store. Some Chiroubles of course, but also some Morgon, Régnié and Beaujolais-Villages in the “Terras Vitis” tradition that have received many awards. Visits by appointment. Tel.: +33 (0)4 74 04 24 02

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The Terrasse du Beaujolais. A 160 degrees view and on a good day you can see the Mont Blanc. It is the place to be for families that will on occasion have a day out and treat themselves to a festive and gastronomic meal. Small regional dishes are served on huge plates. The vast panoramic dining room has been given a design makeover. The chef and owner Marc Rongeat, a former pastry chef, has not forgone his trade and has set up a tea room serving a thousand delights, in between meal times. Route d’Avenas. Tel.: + 33 (0)4 74 69 90 79

The Chalet de La Terrasse de Chiroubles opposite the restaurant, the Chalet offers advice on and sells a selection of bottles from 35 viticulturists from Chiroubles, as well as regional products and organises events on Summer evenings, all in a very friendly setting. Tel.: +33 (0)4 74 69 97 68.


Church of Avénas. The Roman church in Avénas, a master piece of the Clunisian era, the sculpted altar with its enthroned Christ is listed. Honey producer, the Honey House of the Fût d’Avénas.