In the vineyards from Chiroubles to Beaujeu


Domaine Aucoeur. The first Aucoeur arrived in 1825 and can proudly boast being Villé-Morgon’s oldest family smallholding. Now in the eleventh generation, Mélanie and Arnaud Aucoeur, are continuing the family’s wine growing trade with 30 plots, each corresponding to specific lands, which enables them to offer almost the full range of Beaujolais appellations with sustainably grown vines.

Domain Desvignes

The Desvignes name dates back to the twelfth century. The wine grower’s house with its arched cellars dates from the early eighteenth century. As a family, Louis-Claude and Claude-Emmanuelle Desvignes cultivate their 11 acres artistically with Morgon vintage cross stitch vines. A five hectare plot, on the Douby Zone at the Voute Saint Vincent, produces a fruity and voluptuous Morgon and another five hectares in two other Côte du Py locations, give a renowned and highly structured Morgon with aniseed flavours. At Javanières, the ground, made up from residues of blue stone and with heavier clays, gives a finer, lengthier, seductive wine. The “sous cuvée”, made from old vines, Les Impénitents, just 4,000 numbered bottles bearing the very chic label with a black sheep, is a must. The Mouton Rothschild equivalent of the Beaujolais. One of the most expensive as well! Visits by appointment. Tel.: +33 (0)4 74 04 23 35




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In the town centre, the cellar installed in the château de Fontcrenne showcases the area of the Morgon vintage appellation with six climates where you can enjoy the different typicities.

The Atelier du Cuisinier. A brasserie at the heart of the village with a good selection of Morgon. 17 rue Baudelaire. Tel.: +33 (0)4 74 62 20 76

De Chiroubles à Beaujeu <!  :fr  >C   De Chiroubles à Beaujeu<!  :  ><!  :en  >C   From Chiroubles to Beaujeu<!  :  >


Château de Corcelles. The first edifice dates from the Carolingian era. Destroyed by the Bourguignons, it was rebuilt in the Renaissance style on the sixteenth century by the Tircuy de Corcelles family. It is then acquired, along with 100 hectares of vines, by the Richard family of wine traders in 1984. The wine growing estate, managed by Michel Proton, an oenologist, produced four Beaujolais appellations. The park, opposite the château houses the “Wine Harvest Gallery”, a long, narrow wine store, reveals a superb antique timber structure blended with polished cement and stone. Visits by appointment.

Address book <!  :fr  >C   De Chiroubles à Beaujeu<!  :  ><!  :en  >C   From Chiroubles to Beaujeu<!  :  >

Auberge des Vignerons. Kazumi Hatakenaka, a Japanese chef who settled in the Beaujolais region over ten years ago, initiated himself to the refinement of the local gastronomy and wines. Tel.: +33 (0)4 74 60 65 87


Domaine Charly Thévenet. A young wine grower who, after studying advanced oenology bought vines with the help of his father, three hectares of which on one of the princely appellations, created in 1988, the Régnié. An appellation, a vintage from wines that are between 70 and 85 years old. Visits by appointment. Tel.: +33 (0)6 12 26 10 23 or + 33 (0)4 74 04 21 43

Château de Pizay. A grand luxurious hotel as well as a wine growing estate at the heart of 75 hectares of vines, with, amongst others, Morgon, Régnié and Brouilly grapes, converted into wine and matured in the château’s cellars. The Château de Pizay organises wine tourism and tasting tours in the vineyards.