Editor's choice

  • Morgon, Domaine Louis Claude Desvignes, “Impénitents” 2009 vintage. The most elegant of Morgon's wines, deep and velvety.
  • Chénas, Domaine Nathalie Fauvin.The Séléné 2009 vintage. It is The true feminine Beaujolais wine: fine and pedigreed, a nice discovery. www.levinaufeminin.fr
  • Beaujolais Supérieur, Château de Vaurenard. The Baron de Richemont 1998 vintage: a very nice Beaujolais wine, structured, for laying down.
  • Juliénas, Château de Juliénas. The vintage 2009 Claude Condamine. Another wine for aging, rich and concentrated: a niche with only 3000 bottles.
  • Chiroubles, Château de Javernand. La cuvée les Gatilles. This wine is fermented in whole bunches. It develops aromas of red fruits, supple in the mouth.
  • Château de la Chaize. La Reserve de la Marquise offers very nice surprise. A high-class Brouilly with a deep and bright red dress, with toasty and spicy notes and spicy. A wine that should be kept preciously few years before tasting.
  • Domaine des Marrans. The Cuvée Terroir du Pavilion was developed from their oldest vines. A Fleurie that goes to a surprising register of of rose, blackcurrant and spices.
  • Château de Buffavent. We discover with great pleasure a rosé Beaujolais, perfectly mineral that, without sacrificing its AOC, brings coollness with beautiful citrus notes.