In the vineyards from Beaujeu to Montmelas


Château Thivin, in true family spirit. The Geoffray’s ancestor, Zaccharie, bought the Château Thivin at auction in 1877, which at the time belonged to the Lords of Beaujeu. Starting with two hectares of Côte de Brouilly vines, now in the sixth generation, Claude oversees over 25 hectares in sustainable cultivation and some nice vintages: Les Griottes de “Brulhié”, the old name for Brouilly, the Clos Bertrand, La Chapelle and the Zaccharie, powerful, as well as a plot in chardonnay for the Marguerite vintage (Zaccharie’s wife). Wine-themed activities, open doors events. Visits by appointment Tel.: +33 (0) 4 74 03 47 53.

Château de La Chaize. A château of good lineage since 1676. It is the largest estate for Beaujolais vintages in Brouilly, the entirety of which is listed “Monuments Historiques”. The marquess Caroline de Roussy de Sales is exquisite and it is with great pleasure that she will let you discover the wine store, vaulted cellar and its admirable gardens designed by LeNôtre nonetheless, with topiaries, rosaries and a vegetable garden. Solely cultivating Brouilly for three divine vintages. The marquess’ Reserve, derived from carefully selected plots, a wine for laying down, matured in new casks, that is particularly elegant: garnet colour, black fruits, grilled and spicy notes. “Noblesse oblige!” It can be found on the finest tables in the starred hotels. Visits of the estate and gardens by appointment. Tel.: +33 (0)4 74 03 41

Le Perréon

Fred’s Cuisine

Fred’s Cuisine. Cookery chef, traitor at your house, creator of events and owner of a super fresh restaurant, Frédéric Valette is a master of all trades. A must-see stop but by appointment only and you should book ahead for cookery classes, meal preparations followed by lunch. Frédéric, a young, dynamic and creative chef likes to share his passion. The location is discreet, simple, refined like its dishes. The local and fresh produce is carefully selected. Everyone pitches in alongside the chef, chopping tomatoes, preparing bases for sauces, cheese samosas and savouring it all. A marvellous and gourmet moment filled with learning. Impasse du Bourg. 69460 Le Perreon. Tel: +33 (0)6 81 17 11 44.


De Montmelas à Beaujeu <!  :fr  >De Beaujeu à Montmelas<!  :  ><!  :en  >From Beaujeu to Montmelas<!  :  >

Vaux en Beaujolais

Better-known under the name of Clochemerle, the village is among the most visited in France.

Arnas en Beaujolais

Château de Longsard. The castle of Longsard embodies the elegance of the 18th century, while featuring a romantic atmosphere from the 19th century. The count and countess du Mesnil du Buisson open the doors of this beautiful edifice and its traditional French garden. Enjoy a prestigious and personalized stay, juste like nobilty ! 4060 route de Longsard, 69400 Arnas en Beaujolais, Tel. : +33 (0) 474 655 512. Access to the hotel’s page


Domain Terres Vivantes

Marie Gros is a baker and Ludovic an artisan wine grower, all in ultra-organic, pure all the way. A Bourguignonne farm, a little hard to find, you have to deserve it, but… just the smell of bread from your youth, sourdough bread made from antique wheat varieties, tender, milled on a granite millstone and cooked in a wood burning oven which crackles! Tasting a Beaujolais-Village Selaborated with conscience and respect, what a pleasure. Ludovic’s modesty hides a great wine maker, an oenologist who loves, should you allow him enough time, to share the simple pleasure of what the earth has to offer, sharing wine and bread. Bread and wine themed activities, meals, themed-evenings in the Gabrielle cellar. Visits by appointment. Route de Tallebarde. Route de la Tallebarde Blaceret 69460 Blace Tel: +33 (0)4 74 60 52 13

art et vin en <!  :fr  >De Beaujeu à Montmelas<!  :  ><!  :en  >From Beaujeu to Montmelas<!  :  >

Château de Buffavent. The Chilliet family, owners of the estate, which dates back to the sixteenth century, are inventors in Prevert’s sense of the word. Denis is a wine grower, Marie-Agnès is a wine grower and the lady of the house (some other member cooks and the other one paints and sculpts… The visitor is fulfilled. The wines are just as fulfilling, 20 hectares of Beaujolais from the Pierres Dorées and a range of great award-winning Beaujolais wines. Visits of the vines and the wine store punctuated with sculptures and small meals with “mâchons” by appointment. On top of that, they just opened a charming bed & breakfast with rooms overlooking the vineyards. Tel: +33 (0)9 52 78 50 50 or +33 (0)6 07 23 67 93

Access to Art of Wine


Château de Montmelas. Formerly, a stronghold of the Lords of Beaujeu, then of the Bourbon and of Jehan Arod, ancestor of the family that currently owns it, the château with pepper-boxes and fishbone walls is a perfect example of fourteenth century architecture. Its allure of a fortified castle with dungeons and towers was an addition in the nineteenth century. A château that was passed down from mothers to daughters. Delphine d’Harcourt, the latest in the line sometimes greets visitors wearing a princess-style dress. However, it is most often in the company of her children that one discovers the estate that is focused today on the cultivation of 50 hectares of vines and two vintages, the Marquis de Montmelas, Beaujolais-Villages wines. It is said that “tasting these wines opens the door to History”, the actors from the French TV series Kamelott, which was part filmed against the backdrop of the château, must have appreciated this. Even if the famous producer Alexandre Astier is known to only drink Coca Cola! Visits on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm. The festival “Les Nuits du Château de Montmelas” takes place every summer, during the month of July.