Bugey Wines and Caveau Bugiste

Le Caveau Bugiste was established in 1967 by six Bugey winemakers. Among the six founding members, some have disappeared, others have taken a well deserved retirement. Today only Jean Chaudet is still active and his vineyard remains open year-round for visitors to the Bugey region. Chaudet’s domaine is planted with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, two varietals with extraordinary body and character, but distinctly different noses: Pinot has notes of truffle while Chardonnay smells of vanilla and almond. AOC Vin du Bugey is produced on ten hectares at the foot of a cliff that belonged to Brillat-Savarin. A visit to the vineyard includes a tour, tasting, and be sure to check out the wine museum, which often feautures various expositions. www.caveau-bugiste.fr