Les Sens’Ciel

The name rings like a promise, a taste of paradise. Well it’s a promise kept! The shop « Vignes en Vers » poeticises wine, and is an invitation to discovery, tasting, feeling. Each activity, with or around wine, is orchestrated by Marie-Josée Faure and Katia Vernet. A necessary twosome with so many good ideas. Les Sens’Ciel is a meeting crossroads. For the wines, a selection from local organic producers and also from the « Femme Vignes Rhône » group of producers. For the food, local dishes served by the plateful are perfect to accompany a glass of Cotes du Rhône. For the entertainment, you’ll always find a musical or literary evening starting at 8pm. Do take a look at their website to find out more. 17 rue Gabrielle Faure. Tel.: 04 75 07 60 99. www.vin-et-sens.com