Gangloff Winery

A look of a gentle rockstar with his guitar, Yves, from the Alsace, met Mathilde, from Vienna, and they settled in Condrieu. A nice story to remember as Mathilde is no longer with us. What remains is the fruit of their work, which lives on through Yves. In 1980, Yves and Mathilde start with just a few plots of Condrieu. Whilst keeping to micro estates of 6 hectares in Côte Rôtie and 5 in Condrieu, they simply produce the very best. Both 2010 vintages, the Barbarine, where the syrah expresses itself with a touch of pepper and clove and the Sereine Noire where the Viognier becomes smoky, caramel and salted butter, are full of wonderful surprises. The labels for the wines are made by Pierre, Yves’ brother. A cheer for the artists! Visits and tastings. Tel.: 04 74 59 57 04.