Domaine Weinbach

As early as the Xth, when the Capuchins would walk down to the XXIst century, the road is lined with roses and grapes. The Ladies of Weinbach, known as the Capucines, Colette, Laurence and Catherine Faller rule over the wine estate. The family house, where an old monastery once stood, faces the five hectares of enclosed vineyards that sued to be cultivated by the Capuchin monks. It was bought by the family in 1898. A small but historically significant part of their wine estate. The vines and grape varieties from the Clos des Capucins mature early and make remarkable gastronomic wines. The Théo Riesling and Gewurtztraminer cuvées and the Sainte Catherine pinot gris cuvée demonstrate this well.

The Laurence cuvée, however, is matured from the Furstentum grand cru. A rich Gewurztraminer with aromas of roses, jasmine and spices and a velvety and elegant finish.

The vines on the estate are from biodynamic culture since the 2005 vintage. The Capucines from the Alsace region wish to work on and produce concentrated wines that are pure and intense and create the right balance between wine and foods. They achieve a great result that had us completely charmed.