Henri Naudin Ferrand’s Vineyard

She calls herself a workwoman, coming from vine labouring stock, but in fact Claire Naudin – mother of three boys – graduated in agronomy and oenology. All the poetry, the knowledge and affection she gives her Hautes-Côtes de Nuits is hidden behind her modesty. A great wine maker firmly set on her soil. Claire took over the estate from her parents in 1994 and has since left her mark through a craftswoman’s approach, using the true principles of sustainable culture. 22 hectares, of which 80% are in regional appellations. Emotive wines such as Le Clou 34, an exuberant white wine, or La Boisson des Tontons, a Passetoutgrain Burgundy – a wine for buddies – are amongst her red, rosé and white wines. Don’t hesitate to visit her website, the story of her small vine in the Echézeaux is a small novel. Tel: +33 3 80 62 91 50. www.naudin-ferrand.com