Domain Terres Vivantes

Marie Gros is a baker and Ludovic an artisan wine grower, all in ultra-organic, pure all the way. A Bourguignonne farm, a little hard to find, you have to deserve it, but… just the smell of bread from your youth, sourdough bread made from antique wheat varieties, tender, milled on a granite millstone and cooked in a wood burning oven which crackles! Tasting a Beaujolais-Village Selaborated with conscience and respect, what a pleasure. Ludovic’s modesty hides a great wine maker, an oenologist who loves, should you allow him enough time, to share the simple pleasure of what the earth has to offer, sharing wine and bread. Bread and wine themed activities, meals, themed-evenings in the Gabrielle cellar. Visits by appointment. Route de Tallebarde. Route de la Tallebarde Blaceret 69460 Blace Tel: +33 (0)4 74 60 52 13