Domaine de Souch Vineyard

Domaine de Souch 0011 <!  :fr  >Domaine de Souch<!  :  ><!  :en  >Domaine de Souch Vineyard<!  :  >The perfect equation! Our three colours can be found at the Domaine de Souch: red for our “crush”, pink for the woman and green for organic. This estate is an absolute must-see!
We fell for Yvonne Hegoburu, a great lady of wine that planted her vineyard at the age of 60 and who has continued for the last 20 years to work on her vines with tenderness to make wine that is sheer happiness. Yvonne is respected by all the winemakers of the Béarn region and those further afield. She is also renowned in Japan. Her three Patous dogs, white as the snow, her golden blend and herself were stars on Japanese TV, a great endorsement for Jurançon wines.
Vines that are certified organic and biodynamic produce some exceptional wines: wines whose plain description would be to be straight and naturally generous. Yvonne has maliciously baptised her latest creation “The Undocumented”. An Undocumented that took root on the estate. A bright and joyous wine, “outside of the formal administrative framework but with a wine of France label”, she adds. One had to have the courage to dare! These AOC Jurançon wines are already on the tables of all the grand restaurants at the Plaza Athénée or the George V, it would be so trendy if the chefs and wine waiters could also house the “Undocumented” under the beams of their palaces. Visits and tastings by appointment. Tel.: +33 5 59 06 27 22.