Domaine Ameztia

In the XVIIth century farm, Jean-Louis Coster is the last keeper of vines. Jean-Louis has two loves in his life, ceps and sheep. Both complement each other so well and him too! The “Manex” breed of sheep gives the very best AOC Issou Iraty cheese. His Irouléguy wine is full of character and tenderness. He likes to say that “tannât grapes are like a Basque, rustic with a big heart”, the comparison rings very true. When you take a walk through his vineyard steeped on a hillside, don’t be surprised to find white sheep’s fleece grazing under the trees among the rows of vines. There are two hundred sheep in vineyard and their compost aerates the ground and feeds it. Everything is natural for a real, straight wine! Ten years of listening to his vines and vinifying, Jean-Louis has made the wine he had dreamt of. First class wines with blends in the three colours, a small production that connoisseurs fight over every year. Each vintage is practically a sell-out, the dry white especially. Visits, tastings by appointment. Tel.: +33 5 59 37 93 70