Le Rosé des Riceys

It is a charming experience to lay your eyes on these exquisite winding vineyards whose beauty is enhanced by «cadolles», the wineproducers’ tiny traditional stone sheds. Riceys represents the alliance of three little towns all stonewalled with a total of 3 churches, 6 chapels, 2 castles and 7 stone washtubs, all classified monuments! Three different Controlled Designation of Origin products for this area among which the famous Rosé des Riceys. From this legendary wine emanates a bouquet of wild flowers as well as violet and hazelnut, highly appreciated by Louis XIVth himself. A royal court wine particularly rare, as only 80 000 bottles are produced per year.

Created as early as back in the 17th century, Champagne Guy de Forez, a family run house combines the traditional with the more modern characterisitcs for the production of its champagnes and wines. Route de Tonnerre. 10340, Les Riceys. www.guydeforez-riceys.com

Morize, Father and Son, Riceys pink champagne, still wines and XIth century Cistercian cellars visits, www.champagnemorize.com