Musar Castle

With 80 years of expertise to rest upon, the Musar estate is the linchpin of Lebanese vineyards that has never stopped producing wine, even during the war. A permanence that has also allowed the region’s wines to carve a niche for themselves at the international level. Although the winegrowing landscape in Lebanon today is very different from what it once was and vineyards are developing at a rapid rate, the affect is continuing its work thanks to the great classics of the Musar estate. Of particular note is its appellation of the same name, the 2003 blend (cabernet, cinsault and carignan): a nice wine to put down, generous on the palate. A true reflection of the estate. Château Musar SAL, Baroudy street, Sopenco bldg, B.P.: 281 Achrafieh, Beirut, Tel.: +961 1 201828,