Monconseil Castle

Château Monconseil. Originally called “Mauconseil”, Emperor Charlemagne is thought to have stayed at the château and held counsel to determine the fate of the Sarasin prisoners. It turned out to be good counsel as the prisoners were graced and the château was renamed “Mon conseil”. The château became a wine estate in 1834 under the direction of the Baudet family, which passed the baton down from father to son, from Joseph to Michel and Sebastian today. The château produces vintages in Première Côtes de Blaye and wines in the three colours. A red, to put down, coarse with a ruby colour, vanilla and spicy notes. A white, luminous sauvignon with yellow-green highlights, full bodied with zesty aromas. The rosé, an intense pink, supple and bright with flavours of rose and pepper. The baby of Monconseil, the 2003 vintage blend, was produced to celebrate the seventh generation of the Baudet family, Lise. The label is her creation. The 2007 vintage, won the silver medal at the “Feminalises” competition in 2011, and marks the birth of Rose, their second daughter. Visits and tastings by appointment during the week. Open Day in March in partnership with the winemakers of the “Soif de Vin et de Savoir” association. Very convivial!